About Us

Who We Are

Delfi is specialist in the supply of hardware and software solutions for the retail industry. Our focus areas are data capture, barcode equipment, Point of Sale equipment, support and development of software applications for these business areas. Delfi is specialist in the supply of hardware and software for barcode solutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Faroe Islands, Germany and Greenland.

We assure that our customers receive the highest possible value of the products, by providing professional advice. With our high degree of knowledge we add value to our products through customized software solutions, support and technical services.

Our core competencies:

  • Handheld Computers, PDA handheld terminals
  • Electronic shelf labels
  • Barcode readers, magnet card readers and label printers
  • Hand-held terminals, PDA hand terminals
  • Labels and Tags
  • Development of software for data capture with
    hand terminals
  • Development of software for process control, including traceability to the food industry
  • Service and support solutions.

Delfi Technologies A / S is a well-established company that was formed in Denmark in 1988. Today the group consists of two divisions; ISP Division and Breece Division. Delfi has offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Vietnam and the United States.